Don't outsource your part work Overseas… 
Resource with PCP MetalWorks in America!


If you are re-evaluating your exposure to the Chinese manufacture of parts you have made a wise choice in PCP MetalWorks. Located in southern Ohio, we are one of the top metal manufacturers in the United States and we do it at price that can compete with non-American manufacturers.

For small-run tube bending, stamping, drilling, brazing, welding, chrome plating, assembly and sewing - we have capabilities at-the-ready to service your business located anywhere in America. Manufacturing your parts with PCP MetalWorks makes financial sense and offers your company much greater control than outsourcing around the world. 

Advantages of partnering with PCP:

  • Small runs are often much less expensive
  • Turn-around times are considerably faster

  • No long distance "overseas" quality issues

  • Immediate feedback - no waiting for answers

  • We speak your language

  • We work in your time zones

  • Existing capacity for fast-track to production